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About The Museum

The Sea Museum (Bet Miriam) is named after the late Miriam Lifshitz, a former member of the kibbutz, who helped gather the first pottery sherds.


The Museum has been working for many years to educate and teach the local and national heritage. The visit provides an enriching experience in order to preserve and improve the quality of our lives in the present and future


The archaeological findings shed light on the settlement of various populations in the region and present the interaction between man and sea and his involvement in the marine environment from ancient times to the present.           


The museum aims to be a leading center in the field of marine ecology and archaeology to provide an experiential space that exposes its visitors to the importance and protection of the marine environment.

Opening Hours

Sun-Thu:  9 am - 2 pm

Fri- Sat: open for groups


*Visits by appointment only

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